Form scanning / Scanning multiple barcodes codes sequentially

(Jan Halsema) #1


We use the Appsheet barcode scan feature to rapidly digitize multiple forms we get on incoming orders
To fill out the form in Appsheet we need to scan 4 barcodes, the scanning process is incredibly quick (<0.2 seconds from clicking the button to the field being filled in). Most time is spend clicking the barcode button in the form. We would like to suggest the following features to speed up filling out forms.

  • Be able to start the form in barcode scan mode
  • Scan multiple barcodes sequentially / scan all columns that are labeled with scannable in one go.
    • You could define an order and display what the next field you are going to scan is or you could have valid_if constraints on all your fields and only scan the code if it matches the valid_if constraint of a column and just show the remaining fields that need to be scanned
  • Automatically close the scanner once everything is scanned and progress to the next form (currently our forms which use barcode scanning don’t auto save and open a new form even though that feature is enabled, this may be a bug?)

Additionally, if possible, it would great for our usecase if Micro QR code scanning was a possibility.

Let me know if there is anything we can do to provide additional help.