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Hi all! I have another question to which I can’t find an answer. I am creating a form for inspections of dealer vehicles. I want this all as one form. There are, let’s say, 8 systems (I only have two shown below) of a vehicle which need to be inspected. When the user presses the button for that system, the questions appear on the screen. If the user “un-presses” the button, the question hide themselves. I’ve made it work, but the spaces between the systems are pretty massive. Is there a way to condense the spacing? Ideally, the system buttons would be directly below one another, as though this was an enumlist.


If you put a formula in “Show” it should condense the space.
For example something like this in the Show formula box for column [Water Section Question 1]:
[Water Section] = “Water”

Did you use the Show formula before to make it work or some other method?

the column name is “sysws”, and it is an enum with only 1 option (“Water”). I have 5 other columns that are all set with a SHOW constraint that sysws = “water” to get them to show up.

With using SHOW you still a large amount of space between questions when the sub questions are hidden?

I’m probably not using it right. If I put a “show” constraint on that column, set to “water”, then the column doesn’t show at all because the user has to be able to click the column to show the subquestions. It’s when you click the button that it assigns the value of “water” to that column.

There should be no “show” equation on the [sysws] column. It should just always show and it should have the one enum of “Water”. A “Show” formula is only needed on the subquestions.

Okay, I misunderstood your first question, my apologies. With using SHOW on my subquestions, there is still a large amount of space between the main questions. Each of these main questions is column with 1 enum. So I believe the form is separating them as such.

Is it possible to use only one EnumList instead of having 8 separate questions?

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Try side-by-side view in the form

Aleksi, I started off with that, but I need for each set of questions to appear below their main question, not below the bottom of the group. More like what it would be like if you had an “expand this section” plus button, and then a minus button would contract the section, does that make sense?

The side by side view helps a little, but then everything is offset to the right, which isn’t what I was looking for, but thank you!

The reason why I was thinking the EnumList… with that way the overall height would be as small as possible.

yes, i agree, but when i do it that way, the “sub-questions” show up at the bottom of the list, and because the list of the “top-level” questions is long, you can’t even tell the questions at the bottom of the list have shown up because you can’t see them unless you scroll down.

Have you considered a tabbed form?

I’ve not considered that! I will look that up and see what that does!

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I did try it out, and it’s just not very clean looking since there are so many different sections. It’s much cleaner to have the whole form on one page and have each question/section expand and collapse based on what the user picks.

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