Form to capture customer data

I have multipel views in my app, one of them is customer data like Name, Phone, Address and lat-long.
As of now I type this data which is very time consuming. How can I get this data filled by customers themself? Is there any way I can send a link to customer which opens a form and they can fill it?

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Well, I would suggest creating a Google Form first.
Connect the Google Form to an Google Sheet.
Edit the column structure to how you like it and add some formula columns that are not shown in the app, if you want.

The app will take this Sheet as a data table; the purpose can complete the Google Form or the app if edit/add is enabled for the table. You can hide the results with a slice.

There are a few things you can do!
Another option without Google Form is just to create a form within the app.
The customer can download the app.
But, I don’t know what plan you have or what you’re able to do.

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Each view has a link you can share:

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Thanks Steve I did this and it helped me, but the problem is the customer can see my full app. This makes data insecure. I tried using differentm options in SECURITY field but in all cases customer can see my rest of the data which they are not supposed to access.

How do I solve this?

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The visibility to users of data and functions of your app is entirely dependent on the design of your app. You’ll need to restructure your app to hide the parts you don’t want the user to access.

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I had this same Sign Up set up & problem. I “Solved” it by copying my App, then pointing the Source of the new App back to the original DB/spreadsheet. In New App, delete all Views but what your Form needs. Now you can send out an App Link directly to your Form and not worry that Users will get to your goodies. I am using both a QR & NFC tags to store my App Link, making it super easy for Guests to jump into my Sign Up Form. I’ve found that QR works better for iPhones, because their camera is always looking to scan QR, you don’t have to open an App. For some insane/greedy reason, many iPhones do not have NFC capabilities. NFC works great on Android, but must get Guests to turn on NFC. Android (as far as I know) must open an App to scan QR.
I still have one little problem, I would like the Form/App to display a “Form Submitted, TY” message and then close & disappear once Form is Saved. I can figure out how to display a message, but Mr Praveen himself says that the “Close/disappear after Form Save” is “extremely uncommon” and not possible. Bummer! I personally dislike using Google Forms, when you can do far more with Appsheet Forms, and not have another layer/hassle to manage.
I am very happy to see someone else who is essentially asking for what I’ve been asking for for a year now…a dedicated Appsheet Sign Up View/feature that would make it extremely fast & easy, (maybe even with no Authentication necessary) to gather this type of Sign Up data. IMO this would be very useful. #peace2u

Hi Steve! Sure wish I knew how to do this App restructuring that would super-double-guarantee Guests could never get into the rest of my App after Sign Up. A dedicated Appsheet Sign Up View/feature would make this easy and very useful for things like trade show “send me more info” Sign Up, Contest/give away Sign Up, quick, on the spot orders, Customer Feedback/complaint, Product 5 Star Reviews, Suggestion Box submissions…more. I believe a Sign Up only View, where, as soon as Form is Saved, a simple “Form Submitted, TY” message is momentarily displayed and then all traces of the App/Form would disappear from the Guest device, would also vastly increase Sign Ups because almost everyone with a digital device is experiencing massive “Download Fatigue”, and it will never get better! If I had to download or give access to one more GD App to feed myself, I would probably starve to death! jknr
Of course, Masters like you and @Aleksi have many Wizardly tricks to make things work, but a Sign Up View/feature would make it simple for anyone to set up and benefit. Appsheet would benefit by gaining Apps & Users.



Ahh, TY kind Sir! Was wondering what that button was for, very useful!

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Is this a solution that allows appsheet to capture new customer data via a form without exposing anything?

Generally speaking, yes.