Form to create custom quote, please help!

I’m pretty new to Appsheet, so I apologize if this is a simple fix, but I couldn’t find the answer.

App goal is to give sales people a list of products we sell, and allow them to customize a package for a customer. Currently I have all the products come up in a form with a quantity selector for each one where they can choose how many they are selling.
What I am trying to figure out is, once they complete the form, I want it to give a summary of what they are getting. The challenge is, it is listing everything we offer, regardless of the quantity we select (even if its 0) and I just need it to show the products who’s values are greater than 0.
Can someone point me in the direction of how I can accomplish this?

If you want a field hidden when there is no input in an associated field, just drop this expression logic into the Show If parameter: “ISNOTBLANK([Column Name])”. This will hide the column you are editing the Show If settings of when the column specified with [Column Name] is empty.

Similarly you can hide a column when the value is 0 using something like: NOT([Column Name] = 0])

All of this is performed under Data > Show Columns > Show If box