Form validation

Hi, I have an action that takes you to a form. The condition is that this action is only available until the specified date. Unfortunately, if the user has saved a tab with an open form, he can still enter there and save new records. Is there any way for additional validation so that this does not happen?

Assuming the form is adding a new row rather than editing an existing row…

If your key column value is generated (rather than being entered by the user), you could wrap the current expression with one that evaluates to blank after the allowed time. For instance, suppose the current key column value has an Initial value expression of:


The following alternative would produce a blank key column value after a date specified by the Final Date column:

IF(NOT(TODAY() > [Final Date]), UNIQUEID())

Because every row must have a key column value, AppSheet would produce an error if the user tries to Save the form with a blank key column value.