Form view created from sliced data

Im having a problem getting my form created from sliced data to show my selected columns. Instead it is either showing all of the original table columns or showing a blank form. I cant see where the problem may be.

As you can see I have selected my columns but the form is then blank when selecting the sliced view as the data source


doesn’t appear to correspond to this:

In order to use the slice in a form, you must either:

  1. Have a form view attached to the slice, then navigate the user to that form view.


  2. Have a column of type Ref that points to the slice, then add or edit a value of that column.

I have a spreadsheet with ‘on-site issues’ I have created dropdowns for all my projects to feed my original form. As I put my idea on trial I realised there is 3 stages to completing the work and I want to have a separate action directing to a form to complete them steps individually. I believe i have a view form attached to my slice correctly, if not could you guide me in the right direction?

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How is the app navigating to Slice View?

Are the columns included in the slice editable? I.e., is the Editable? option for each set to ON?

The app is navigating to the slice view form with a linktorow formula using that particular rows ID, and yes all my columns are set to editable.

Please post a screenshot of the action configuration, and a screenshot of the complete Target expression.