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Hi folks
I have two tables. One has the core data that the user can access and add to. The other contains some data lists. In the Core sheet I use validation linked to columns in the Lists sheet. All works well in Sheets.
In AS, I have the two tables, Core and Lists. All looks good until I want to add a new record. The Core_form view does not show one of the fields in the Core database Field A. The field is however set to Show. Both this field and the ref field (Field B) have a valid_if expression that points to the relevant column in Lists. The ref field is working such that in the Coreform view, it shows a dropdown. But Field A simply does not show in the form and i cannot find anywhere how to add that to the form view. That’s my first issue. What I really want to achieve is this. I want the first item in the add new record form view to be Field A and depending on the user selection of Field A, Field B dropdown list will be filtered. Field A is a category and Field B is the detail for each category. I can’t get past the first problem of not being able to see Field A in the form view so I guess I may have something basic wrong. Would be grateful for some help. Many thx Ian

If the columns in your Lists table are next to each other where you read data to your Core_Form, than its possible that AppSheet is treating them as Dependent Dropdowns if you are referring to those lists via just TableName[ColumnName] syntax. I may advise using a SELECT expression in your Valid_if/Suggested_Values property of your columns in your Core table schema:

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Hey Levent, thanks for this. I tried this and it doesn’t appear to make any difference. Thanks anyway, I can see this is better.

Folks I solved part of the problem. It appears that when I used the regenerate structure button, the system was not in fact fully loading afresh. I discovered that if I create a new app, it does reflect the sheets.

Now the remaining issue is that I have two dropdowns in the form view, and I now want to a) change the order of fields in the form and b) make the second dropdown dependent on the first.

A slight variance this time however, AS brought in the Core table fields A and B as enum, correctly identifying there was validation in the sheet. Not sure now whether I need to change field types to Text in order to then insert my own formulas and what would those formulas be in order to achieve the conditional element?

Many thx