Form view doesnt show the full text of column


Hi, i have a form, made out pretty much like a google form, each column is a form question. The problem that I have is that when a user click to answer a question they cant see the full question

I know that before they click they can see the full questions, but when you enable “Advance forms automatically” there is no way for them to see the full question because they go directly to “select the answer”. Is there a way to have enable “Advance forms automatically” and allow the user to see the full text of the question??

The columns that have the options are Enum type?
Have you tried using Buttons/Stack instead of a dropdown? Stack seems a good option in your case.
Maybe not the solution that you were looking for but seems a good way to solve your problem.
Also, you are the first fellow citizen I have found in this platform!
Happy to help if I can


Thank You very much, that actually did the trick, only i had to separate each column with a show header column, and then i could enable auto advance, works excelent