Form view (hidden fields) and Unhide them

I have an app for auditors to review parts before they ship.

On the initial form view, there are fields that I do not want them (nor need them) to see.

However, if a part does not pass inspection, it goes into a “Needs Resolution” status.

A supervisor is alerted and can review the audit.

Once the supervisor has reviewed and corrected whatever the issue was, the app then re-classifies the audit as “Closed.”

It is in this “Closed” view (which I have created) where I would like the auditor to see who “signed off” on the corrective action taken.

Everything is functioning properly EXCEPT I cannot see the supervisor who “signed off.”

When reviewing:

What a new audit looks like:

Table structure:

Those items hidden, I would like to SEE in the “Closed” view.

Thanks in advance.

You can set a Show_if expression:

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That works, but not exactly what I am looking for.

I am seeking more like this.

Question 1: Here is the question. True or False
Question 2: Here is the question. True or False

If any answer above is “False” show Comments from boss: Display this area if the boss has reviewed.

The context of my app. I have auditors reviewing parts before they ship. If any auditor fails a part, I want a supervisor to be alerted to the issue AND be able to review it.

As it currently exists, I have everything working properly. BUT, I am trying to figure out a way for “administrative use only” section where a supervisor can approve the audit. So audit has failed, supervisor reviews it, institutes a corrective action, and signs off on the app that the audit is OK now. Once a supervisor OKs it and dates it, my app (as it currently stands) changes status to Completed. But, my supervisor has to make this change via the data set, not the app itself. I am trying to devise a way so that the “administrative section” (sign name and date) are hidden UNLESS something is marked “fail”. Does that make sense?