Form view of a List: showing only the first values

Hi appsheet,

I’ve made a list:
Registration[Equipe], [ID Personne]=[_THISROW].[ID]

When this list has multiple values seperated by a comma, in my form it only shows the first 3 or 4 values.
Would it be possible to show 2 lines or more in the form view of this virtual column to show all the values of the list?
Thx, Bram

How about a virtual list rather than a text field?

Hi @Aleksi,

Do you mean a virtual list as element type?
After saving it automaticly switch back to Text type.

You have other ideas?


You can use List column type if it’s a virtual. Have you tried that?

Yes, I have in fact.
I took a screenshot of the settings in annexe.!

It’s giving a nice list, but it breaks off at the end of the line.

Knipsel virtual column list|486x500

An alternate idea would be to use the LongText type, which should grow to accommodate the list.

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What do you mean by this? Prinscreen possible?

I mean that in the form view of that virtual column you can see only 1 line
In the picture below you can see that in this column [Travailleur de rue], you can see 4 names seperated by a comma. But in reality there are more than 4 names.
So in google sheet the appformula gives the good results.
It’s in the view of the app, we only get to see the first line.

I think it’s something that’s not yet forseen in appsheet, no?

Thx !

Try changing the column type from List to EnumList.

With enumlist it’s not showing anything anymore.
I think this it’s not possible at this moment in appsheet.

Thx anyway for all your help!

In detail view it’s giving the names nicely in more than 1 line … see picture!

Would it be possible to enable this in a form view also?