Form view or table view?

A spreadsheet is fed from a form which records supplier bills that are entered by users posted at project sites. The columns include (Date, bill number, supplier name, project name, amount) and a hidden (Paid?) column that takes initial value as FALSE.

Now what I want is take one or more of those bills from one supplier, sum the amount in them and take that summed amount and navigate to a company expense form with supplier name, that amount and a few more fields pre-filled.

For starters, I have created a slice with condition ([Paid?]=FALSE) and have made a table view with that slice. How I want it to proceed is that there should be provision to select multiple bills from that and sum the amounts in them and proceed to a different form.

In order to achieve that, does making a ‘table’ view help at all? I mean a ‘form’ is needed in this purpose, isn’t it? And it should be pre-filled in the columns of [supplier name], [date] and a checkbox drop-down menu to choose the bills from, by their number, if I guess correctly.

How to achieve this? Is there an easier workaround?

EDIT: I researched and realised that SELECT() expressions might be of help here. But I need proper directions on how to use select() to select values that are already there. Please help.

I would recommend that you start by looking at the following:

Let me phrase my requirements in steps

  1. I have a supplier bills sheet which holds the bills from the suppliers along with all pertinent details in respective columns (date, project, amount, paid/unpaid?).

  2. I want to incorporate an action named ‘Raise Payment’ which when clicked, allows one to select which bills are to be paid, and sums the amount.

  3. It then takes me to the company expense form (description in step 4) by marking those bills ‘Paid’ (probably by an action).

  4. Then I use the linktoform() expression to pre-fill my company expense form, with supplier name, type of expense (purchase) and the amount that is generated from step 2.

  5. When the form is saved, a workflow rule generates a payment voucher in pdf and mails to appropriate recipients.

While this was all doable from within my current expertise if I intended to pay one bill at a time (just attach an action to the bill’s detail view), but that I intend to pay multiple bills at one time and sum the amounts, hold it and use that to fill out the expense form, I have no idea how to do that particular part.

I hope I was clear in articulating my requirements.

I learned that bulk actions might help me do the trick. Will post if I am able to do what I want.

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Good luck!! Do you also know about this:

It sounds like this might be relevant to what you want to do.