Form views which DO NOT save

It would be super useful if we could have form views which do not POST any information / save their contents when finished. Instead of the “Cancel” and “Save” buttons along the bottom, we could have a single button “Finished” or something.

Use cases:

  • Calculators / methods for users to manipulate data and add variables without saving anything
  • Interactive Instructional pages where users can interact with true/false or enums. This could convert otherwise unweildly long instructional forms into a few pages.
  • More dynamic filtering of data, without having to save filter results at the end.

The flaw with all of the above is it requires users to manipulate column variables, which will trigger a sync.

I understand you can sort-of achieve this by having the forms always edit the same row, but there still is the annoyance of having to “save” the results of the form and perform the data sync.

I suppose this functionality would be similar to usersettings() where no information is posted to the server. You could even make use of the usersettings to achieve some of the above things - but currently we are limited to one usersetting view and only a few columns!

I also just had a use case where I would have prefered this. I just wanted a drop down of names already in the tables that I wanna run specific actions on once selected. I ended up having to opt for the less elegant looking table solution. LINKTOROW() could have worked theoretically in my situation (I think), but I wanted the view to appear on the bottom bar, and there was no way to set that up (that I know of).