Form with Tabs - how give the Tabs a Name I decide?

Form with Tabs - how to give the Tabs a Name I decide?


Cant find documentation or make it work.
It’s build with 2 Empty Rows in a Sheet named Job Info and Jobs Done.

Bjarne Allerup

I think you will find the answer here:



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Thanks, I’ll have a look later today.

Only way I can make it work is: Using Display name

Documentation says that it should Default to Column Header, but I can’t make this work.

By the way how can I use Content =

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Just change the Column name in top. It shold work…

Not sure yet. Haven’t used this Tabs-feature a lot. Let me know if you find out:)

Looks like “Content” is the place to write the Heading of the TABs :slight_smile:
But don’t write the text in " ". Just straight out…


Yea… I can make it work if I put it in Context and if I put it in Display Name.
Just don’t know what is the best way to do it.


Hi Kristofer,

You can use “Content =” to give a name for the Tab, that is what I use it for.


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Yes. That’s what I meant in my post.
But I guess you can also use a formula for the text. Like: If([Value1]=“No”, “Go back and fix it”, “Continue on this TAB”)

You from Denmark?

Yes Danish, er can talk/write Scandinavian,:slightly_smiling_face:

Det var hyggelig. Ikke så mange Skandinavere her inne så vidt jeg vet:)