Form without Login

We have an App with User Sign In that is used by our backoffice.
Sometimes we need extra info from a client.
We would like to give him the possibility to open a form and enter the missing infos.
This should work without Login.

Does anybody has an idea how to do this?
I think I should create a second App. But how can I ensure, that the client only sees his own data? I would need security filter but how would be the expression?

First, for public apps, I think you’ll be another appsheet account… Second, from a security perspective, does it matter if each client could some how gain access to one another’s information?

I would try to do this with an UniqueID like a token. I know that’s not ideal but I think it would be possible using security filter.
With that it’s nearly impossible to see data from another client.

This would be in violation of Appsheet’s terms of use for public apps.

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Security Filters are by-default turned off with the Publisher account so the user won’t be able to read any table’s data from the app. This will also prevent you using any de-refs, lookups or anyother expressions as they will all return void. FYI.

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Thank you very much for your input @Grant_Stead and @LeventK.

So is there any possibility without user sign in?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you use adds instead of update. Create a public app and ask a unique code. That code could be a parent record’s ID (send it to your client with an email). Then you can see client’s reply as a related child record. If you use the security option “Filter out all existing rows” it should work.


Thank you Aleksi. Sounds like a solution. Will try that.

You’re welcome