Format doesn´t change

May be there is a bug in format rules?
There are no other formats influencing this format [Col].
It is strange why the text is not changing the color.
In section: “Format these columns and actions” the [Col] for each formating style is correctly selected.

Another sample that should be in Red color:

First, column labels are NOT affected by Format rules.

Second, it looks like your text values (the numbers) do have a Format rule that is applying a Yellow color. NOTE: In the case of overlapping Format rules, the last one applied wins. Check if there might be another Format rule that is overwriting the red or green colors with Yellow.

In the Format rules, Text color is controlled separately from the Highlight color. Highlight is some icon you have selected. If no icon chosen then AppSheet uses the dot.

The Text to be colored requires 2 properties being set:

  1. Choose the column(s) to apply format to
  2. Choose the color in the Text Color property

See the Blue annotations for Text Coloring Format


There is no Format rules overlapping or overwriting the ones that is shown on the pictures.
Highlight color and Text color formats are correctly set, I set both values in each Format rule with the same selection of color, but it seems that the cell value is not changing color as it supposed to do…

Check this other pic:

In this example the color is correct…right?

I know you said everything is set correctly but I wonder if there is something being overlooked? It’s such a simple use case.

Without more details, the only other suggestion I can make is to NOT depend on ordering of the format rules. Instead, set the criteria to be distinct so that one and only one Format rule can be applied.

For example, set the criteria in Yellow to be:

AND([Airemedico_5_8_Bar] < -0.39, [Airemedico_5_8_Bar] >= -0.59)

And in Green, set it to:

AND([Airemedico_5_8_Bar] < -0.59, [Airemedico_5_8_Bar] >= -0.80)

The other two can be left as is.

NOTE: You are probably aware but thought I’d mention, no formatting is applied if the value is between -0.39 and 3.79 (inclusive)


I think there is something wrong with Text color that is not working properly.
I remove all selection of text color and leave only Highlights.
This is what hapend:

Have you saved your format rules. Sometimes the emulator looks a bit strange until the formatting has been saved.


I did


I have found on rare occasion you need to refresh the editor web page itself for UI related changes to take effect sooner rather than later. I think at times there is a delay in changes being actually reflected - at least in the editor.


Rigth now I´m working fro another computer, I have checked all the format rules and are all good to go, no error in the selected format columns and the issue still there…
May be it´s an expression error…or a bug…?

Please see this pics of different format rules:

I would check for rounding. In other words, what value is saved in the datasource?

Since we can’t see how you actually implemented things in your app, I would recommend reaching out to AppSheet support for more help.

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That´s what I did thanks!

These overlap:


If [Gasoil_50_100] is less than 40, the second rule will be applied–not the first–because less than 40 is also less than 50.

As noted previously:


I understand that, but how can I format these rules?
I need to have some expression that works, so if is less than or grater than, is a red, yellow or green flag.
If an If or Ifs condition doesn´t work in format rules, how can I do it?

I gave you two example expressions for two of your rules above to implement a discrete Format rule. You just need to replicate that pattern for all other similar rules.

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I thought AND it was used only if all the conditions inside the AND expression are true, and if there is a condition that does not match, the AND is false.
I never use it this way, can you explain me the difference please?

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As * AND(..., ..., ...) requires all conditions must be TRUE.
Then should be AND(OR(…,…)) am I correct?
Or an IN condition maybe?

You are correct. The expression is basically checking the column value is BETWEEN the conditions.

If by “difference” you mean the difference between a discrete format rule and relying on order of Format Rules, there is, in this case, no difference… IF you get the conditions right AND the order right. As @Steve pointed out, a couple of your rules were out of order. Trying to get it right can be frustrating.

Implementing discrete Format rules means you know exactly which rule was supposed to apply. It becomes easier to analyze. You are also forced to think about the conditions, especially the boundary conditions.

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No. AND() is sufficient. Think of it this way:

"lower bound" < [column value] < "upper bound"

The “lower bound” must be < value AND value must be < “upper bound”

Then it’s just a matter of determining if the bounds should be included in the range or not.

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It is indeed quite frustrating sometimes!
Thanks a lot for the comments and guidance! @WillowMobileSystems @Steve