Format rule, apply the different font style to the selected field

To improve the UI, wish to apply the font style to the selected fields conditionally.

Can you elaborate? Since there are conditions you can set on a Format Rule, I’m not clear on what your request pertains to.

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He wants the ability for Format Rules to override:

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Got it! He wants Fonts added to Format Rules so he can control them conditionally.


Sorry for my short and little words for this feature request.
Yes, Bahbas interpreted niciely.

The major issue for now for me is the field/column name on Detail view is too small to read… I have placed a few feature requests before to deal wit this, but this exact feature request, to get the access to fields name to control the format rule will solve issue as well as adding more benefit.

For instance, increase the font for field name with context(“ViewType”) =“Detail”, and bold font + color + icon will make the column name more outstanding and stands out , making users to each to read and go through the detail view.