Format rule based on another format rule

I am trying to repair an error in my app. Its for basic inventory. My products page has all items grouped by a category. I originally made a format rule to change the colour of an item and add a star if its count was less than the minimum. I applied this to the product description, the category and the actual count, so that our warehouse employee’s could easily see which items need to be re-ordered. I thought all was working great, and then someone pointed out to me that not all of the categories (the grouped by) were changing when items within them were. I did some quick digging, and found that my format rule (=[WAREHOUSE COUNT]<[WAREHOUSE MIN]) was causing the category to change only if the total of all items within the category was below the total of all minimums within the category. What I am hoping to do is add another format rule (or adjust the current) that will have the category apply the same rule if ANY item within said category is below the minimum. Any thoughts?