Format Rule based on item price change

I`m trying to have a format rule to only be active if a price has had a change (ex: the kg price of tomatoes have gone up from £2.1 to 2.45) any light on how it could be done?

Any help is appreciated.

Do you mean changed within a timeframe or changed ever?

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both scenarios would work, but let`s say within a timeframe would work better

So firstly you’ll need to add a Change Timestamp column that logs when [Price] changes. Lets call that PriceCTS] where CTS = change timestamp. Note a change timestamp records the date and time, not just date

Then lets assume you want to make the price change to RED if it was changed in the last week. So create a Format Rule with the following formula for the [Price] column:


DATE() is required to turn the date/time data in to just date data


Simon, thank you for that! :+1: :+1:

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