Format Rule for blank rows in different table

Hi All,

I would like to apply a format rule to the table “Classes”.

However the rule needs to inspect a different table (Anglefish) to see if there are any blank rows in the Column “Dinner”.

If there are blank rows I need the format rule to be enforced.

Could I please have a hand with the expression?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have any relationship between these two tables, you could use COUNT(SELECT(Anglefish[KeyColumn],ISBLANK([Dinner])>0. If you have lot of rows this can slow your device when scrolling up and down. Better way could be a virtual Y/N column with the same formula and then use that column’s status for showing the format rule or not.

Ta for that, unfortunately an error in the expression somewhere:

Expression ‘COUNT(SELECT(Anglefish[KeyColumn],ISBLANK([Dinner])>0’ could not be parsed due to exception: Number of opened and closed parentheses does not match.

Sorry… my typo error. It should be COUNT(SELECT(Anglefish[KeyColumn],ISBLANK([Dinner])))>0