Format rule for records of one table using timestamp (or date) of activity from another table?

If I have a master table of information that is my “master DB” with an activity table that is then connected to the unique records of the master DB, how can I setup a format rule to color code (red, yellow, green) the record lines of the master DB based on the date timeline (or touches) from the activity records?

Can this also be done is I have some toggle fields in the activity form that could tell the records in the master DB to be formatted a color based on that information, think a red record if the do not call toggle is selected.


What does this mean?

Like this?

IN(TRUE, [Related Activities][Do not call?])

See also:

Touches being based on the date of interacting with the record as inputed in the activity table.

@Steve greek to me at this point! Any better examples or videos that might help?