Format rule for values (for all columns in table)

It would be nice to be able to specify that a format rule apply to ALL columns if the value matches.
If we have 30 columns and the values can be A, B, C or D and we want to specify icons or other format rule, we end up with 120 format rules rather than just 4.

I’m a little confused on this. We can currently select all the columns in a format rule if we wish. Shift selection works as well so we can choose multiple columns very easily.

What’s different in this request?

It has to do with the enumerations - column X, value=A format rule cannot be combined in the same format rule with column Y, value=A

I’m sure what you are saying is true but I guess I need a concrete example to be able to see it from your point of view.

Also when you specify multiple rules for any column or column set, the order of the rules becomes important on when and how the rule is applied.

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The problem statement is as given - there are columns X1 to X30 which can have the values A, B, C, or D. If value in X1 is A, I need to color it Green, If X1 is B, I need to color it Blue, If X1 is C, I need to color it Red, If X1 is D, I need to color it Yellow. Repeat these 4 format rules for every other Xn column.

Ok, again I am not trying to argue against the request but understand it.

Based on your request statement above, I was reading it as if you wanted to apply the Green color to all of the columns at the same time if any of them matched the value. That can certainly be done in 4 format rules.

But I think I understand now that you are looking for a format rule that is somewhat generic on columns such that:

     if x1="A" then ONLY x1 is colored Green  
OR   if x2="A" then ONLY x2 is colored Green
OR   if x3="A" then ONLY x3 is colored Green

Is that a fair restatement of your request?

Yes, except it is an AND and not an OR.

Ah, Yes.