Format Rule Icon Placement


When I create a Format Rule to add an icon to a specific field, the icon always appears below the corresponding text header (instead of beside the text header). The icon appears on a line by itself, creating awkward spacing in the app. This applies when the app is viewed through both mobile or desktop.

Is there a way to change the placement / position of the icon created using the Format Rule feature?


Screenshot, please.


Attached is a screenshot

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Hmm. Please also post screenshots of the format rule configuration and the inline view’s configuration.

Attached are the format rule configuration screenshots and the inline view

Format Rule Configuration

Inline View Configuration

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Yeah, I’d have to call this a bug. I’m guessing the AppSheet internals aren’t expecting to have to format an inline view’s column name–even though it’s an available option. I’m going to have to refer you to to report this bug.

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I will contact them right away. I thought I was missing something obvious.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this and for all that you do for this

We are lucky to have you.