Format Rule in expressions

Hey folks.

Quick question. I’m wondering if there is a way to check if a format rule is true in an expression.

I have a Format Rule called “Member Post” that changes a name’s text color based on certain conditions.

I have another Format Rule called “Under 30” that changes the same name’s text color based on a different set of conditions.

But the “Under 30” rule is overwriting the “Member Post” rule, so i want a way to say “If Member Post” Format rule is true, don’t trigger.

Any ideas?

Yes you can test the Format Rule. Open the Rule and go into the expression assistant for the “If this condition is true” property. Tap/Click on the “Test” button. This will evaluate you expression against each row in the table the rule is set in. The first column in the test results gives you a “Y” or “N” response to tell you if the row will trigger the rule.

@WillowMobileSystems I’m a bit confused. I’m in the Expression Assistant, but only see the conditions for the rule I’m currently in.

To be clear, what i want is to write a condition in the Under 30 Format Rule to check if the Member Post Format Rule is true.

In other words, use one Format Rule to check another Format rule. Is that the solution you’re mentioning?

Sorry, my bad.

There is not a way to set one rule expression based on another rule. You would need to make the rules mutually exclusive for the condition(s) that are causing them both to be triggered at the same time.

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NP, All good @WillowMobileSystems . Disappointing, no doubt, but i knew it was too good to be true. Thanks for the info.