Format rule on slice appear not to work?


I have format rules for colouring icons and these work fine, but for some reason they never inherit into a slice. Am I missing a config somwhere?


What I did was, I created a view for the slice, such as:

and using format rule to format the font.

Which also should work for coloring icon.

I think, without creating a view of the slice, format rule will not be applied.

Hi Heru, I have the same setup as you, although mine is a ref view. Perhaps that’s the issue?

Sorry, to add, I’m referencing it from a dashboard view too.

I am not too sure, but if you temporarily change the slice- ref view to visible position (say left-most), did you see in the emulator that the format rule is being applied?

You should see the format rule in a slice as well if you don’t have any special condition rule for that format rule.

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Hi Heru, it doesnt work when I swap to a menu/ref or left-right etc view. Seems to be a slicer thing?!

Perhaps you have some other special condition rule for that format rule, like what suggested by Aleksi.
My suggestion is try with a simple slice and a simple format rule and see.

Hi Aleksi, for example? I don’t have any that I’m aware of. Thanks

Please post a screenshot of the format rule configuration screen.

Please also post a screenshot of the configuration of the view you want the format rule applied to.

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Hi I tried with a brand new slice - nothing. I just can’t see a way of attaching a behviour to a slice (only a table)?

I feel like I need to be able to choose table “Events Slice”?? I can only attach to Events.


Hi @imtiazu
That looks like a screen shot of an action not a format. Formatting is under UX>Format rules. Do you have a pic of your format rule?

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Sure… it relates to a different view but still the same issue.

For a Card View, there are several known bug. It will be available shortly based on below post from @morgan


As @Heru mentions, card views are beta and have numerous problems. I’m afraid I can’t offer any help with them.