Format Rule problem/bug?

I am trying to color code some columns with condition and it doesnt color the item.

This is my table i built to change the display names:


Here is my Format rule - that does NOT color the status:

Did you checked the Highlight color or text color?
The picture you sent is cropped

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The expression is wrong: [Status] refers to the value of the Status column, but 1 - Ready is the value of the Status Name column. If you use [Status] = "A-RDY", it will probably work.


Thanks Steve. That def colored it, but it also colored others?

Please post a screenshot will All expanded.

Good catch @Steve

Hi @Tiger,

Additionally, I request you to explore below.

Based on your other post yestereday listed below and details above in this post, its sound that you are using a small reference table to display user friendly names of status field in the view BRB status ( and different table) iamge you have shared.

Thus, in this BRB view and associated child table, the status name shown in view I believe is just label of the referenced table and in the back end probably Status ( that is key ) of small reference lookup table is getting stored.

I request you to apply format rule to the 'Status Name" column of the small reference table, which I believe is label of that table. Since that label is displayed in the child table (BRB View) as Status name, I believe the format rule will apply as you need it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much

Hi @Tiger,

You are welcome. Could you please mention if your problem was solved.

Yes- it is good now…

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