Format rule - RGBA can be used for color picker

This might have been tweeted before, but let me post quickly although possible duplicates.

For the color picker of format rule (not theme color), we can use HEX, but rgba color code is also working. Meaning, we are able to set the “transparency” of the color as well. Nice.

This generates,



Is the value dropped verbatim into a STYLE tag or some such? Could this be used for code injection?

To test, I set color with RGBA like this.


Obviously the color code is passed to style sheet as is basis.


Thank’s for looking. I’ve also tinkered with it. There is some data validation done, too, as my code injection attempts failed. Unfortunately, invalid input doesn’t appear to generate an error; it’s just silently ignored.

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Hmmm…Transparency… Interesting.

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Thank you very much @tsuji_koichi I will link this to my post:


Hi, Tsuji_Koichi

Can you help me for my issue ?

Unfortunatley we are not able to apply the format rule to column name at this moment.

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ok, thank you but I hope next can apply it :slight_smile:

To make the column names display in inline view part, I usually put EMOJI on the top of names, which looks like this as example.


How to make like that :blush:

Just type the column display name with emoji whichever emoji you like


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how to insert emoji, like i want “dolly-flatbed-alt” emoji

Just google it. And copy and paste.

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Or you visit

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ok, great. thanks right now i can use the emoji

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