Format Rules: Automatically assign color for different users

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I was just wondering if there is a more efficient way to assign a different color for every user on my app? I’m designing a Dispatch app that is going to be used with over 50 users, I would like each users location of pick-ups/drop-offs to have a color unique to that user. Is there a more efficient way to automate this instead of creating 50 different users? It would be VERY convenient if we could use SELECT or LOOKUP in the highlight or text color field, where I can just look up a table for a hex value at least. I want different colors so the dispatchers can have a better visual representation on the maps view and in a dashboard view where they can easily reference the colors to the drivers. etc.

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First, please consider color-blind users in your design.

Second, how do you intend to have an app with over 50 users but not create 50 different users? How would the app itself differentiate users?

Third, assuming the app has some means to differentiate users, and that differentiation can involve a Ref column, consider using a label image for each user row. The image could be a solid color image if that’s your preference.

Sorry, I meant to type “Instead of creating 50 different formatting rules”, not “instead of creating 50 different users”.

That’s true, I will take colorblindness into consideration.

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I would encourage you to look into row label images as I’d suggested previously. Consider also the TEXT_ICON() and INITIALS() functions to auto-generate those images.

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