Format rules do not allow [_THIS]

I have numerous yes/no and text fields in my detail view, and I want to modify them to have a different format if they are either FALSE or BLANK. I know that I can create a format rule for each one that will examine the value of the field in the expression. However maintaining multiple identical format rules is tediuos.

I think I should be able to use [_THIS] to refer to the current column attempting to be formatted, but I get an error when using _THIS here.

Is there a way to do what I want without using _THIS?
why is _THIS not allowed here?

(EDIT: change to a feature request)

Unfortunately you have to assign format rule to each field one by one, [_this] would not work in that context.

edited into a feature request
@tsuji_koichi do you know why it won’t work in this context?

Format Rules are evaluated in the context of each record, not individual columns. [_THIS] would be completely ambiguous in this case.

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Is there a technical limitation that prevents format_rules expressions to be applied per-column? We can already filter by which columns it is applied to, so the thing is column-aware, from my SW engineering experience, this seems like a small code rearrangement to move the expression processing from the outer loop into the inner loop.

Not fully following up what you are saying here, but this is what it is.
You can not use [_this] expression to config in format rule, as format rule does not know what [_this] means.

thank you. I know how it works but what I am now asking since this is a feature request and not a question is if this is technically feasible to implement. I don’t think a user can answer my question or address this feature request’s feasibility, it will need to be an appsheet software engineer.

Obviously i m not, I m just a volunteer to this community.

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