Format rules for certain view types only?

Is there a way to only display the icon in format rules to columns if the view type is a particular view. In other words, I have a format rule to display a check icon if [column]=“done” for column Progress. I have Progress shown visible in my card view and my map view. Is there a way to add a conditional to show the icon only in the map view? Or do I just need to add another virtual column?

Yes. You must include CONTEXT(“ViewType”) in your condition in your format rules.


Thanks for this Post/Question, I was missing something when using CONTEXT and was going to ask, but I looked at the great Mr Steve’s @Steve Documentation a bit closer & figured out exactly what I needed is (CONTEXT(“View”) = “by Ingredient"). Just in case someone else needs a little more detail here on how to use CONTEXT, this is what I got to work in my Recipe App. Format Rules while in my “by Recipe” View, I want the Recipe Name to appear bold & bigger and Ingredients to appear normal text, and in “by Ingredient” View, I want the Ingredient to be bold/big & Recipe Names to appear normal text. CONTEXT(“View”) = “by Ingredient" worked! Another option is to restrict Format Rule by ViewType, which would be CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Card", or CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Table", etc. TYVM! :grin:

There shouldn’t be any reason that you’d need that extra set of parentheses around your expression.

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OK thanks. I edited my previous comment to remove the unnecessary “(”

@Steve I did bump into another CONTEXT situation that I need for my Recipes App. In my View “by Ingredient”, sorted & grouped by [Ingredient], all of the Recipes listed under each Ingredient only show one Row, but I really want to jump directly to that Recipe. How would I do this? I played with CONTEXT & LINKTOVIEW in Display Name for the [Recipe] column, but couldn’t figure it out. I set my app up so each Recipe has one Row per Ingredient. TYVM!

Maybe just shown the [Ingredient] column in the view, and don’t group by anything?


Thanks, but eliminating the Group by Ingredients just causes a “true” column to appear with the same problem as before, where I only see one Row, not everything for that Recipe.

What does that mean? Provide a screenshot.

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In my “by Ingredients” View, I must group by [Ingredient], so your I don’t understand your previous advise to not group by [Ingredient]. I think I need to rebuild this app using a child table for my Ingredients. I was trying to keep it simple, but I made it more complicated. I’m thinking there’s a way to do what I want, but a child table will probably solve other issues this app layout is giving me. TYVM!

The “true” column (should be “Cocktail”) now looks like this. The first time that I eliminated Grouping by [Ingredient], (in my “by Ingredient” View) it had given me another column to the right labeled “true” showing all of the Cocktails. I played with the Sort & Group settings a bit & could not replicate getting that separate “true” column to the right of the purple Ingredients. I think I am going to just rebuild this app using a child table for Ingredients.

Well now I’m just extremely confused by what you are doing, and what you’re trying to do.

Why does your [Cocktail] column has a Display Name of “true”?

Going back to this:

From your screenshot, it appears I may have misunderstood what you were saying. So if you’re still wanting help here, please elaborate on what this means.

And also exactly what this means.