Format Rules for Column Header / Names while ...

(Ankit Android) #1

Format Rules for Column Header / Names while displaying in Detail View

Is there a functionality in Appsheet to format text of column header/name while we display them in Detail View?

I know we can use format rules for contents in columns but column header always shows in black. will appreciate if this functionality can be added to make the UI more intutive if not already added.

(Green Gorilla) #2

I wanted this same thing, and it appears not.

I did a workaround of a SHOW column with the content being the text I wanted as the column header. I then set the column header in Display Name to " ".

It is then possible to format the SHOW column to bold, italic, colours etc.

Looks pretty good.

(Ankit Android) #3

@Green_Gorilla Thanks. I will try it out. If there were couple of columns, I could have tried it but with many columns, this will be a very tedious workaround. Can we create a virtual show column? or does it have to be in data source or google sheet as column?

(Ankit Android) #4

@Green_Gorilla I tried what you suggested and though it might work for formatting column header but it doesn’t look great because of the increased spacing between column header (show column) and column value (another column). In the image, green block is show column with content and another column with display " ", notice the spacing between the two. While red block is same column with header and value.

Do you have a suggestion to reduce the spacing between the two?

(Green Gorilla) #5

@Ankit_Android I don’t I am afraid… in my App the spacing looks ok, but I don’t have a lot of information on that particular form… I can understand that it wouldn’t be as good if it is part of a longer form…