Format Rules not seen in Desktop view

I made formatting changes to highlight certain rows. The changes are visible in the mobile device views (phone and tablet) but not the larger desktop view? Any idea why
Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 9.46.10 AM

Hi @TerriKCC!

I don’t know for sure but I have one idea you can try. But first, let me clarify my assumptions. I assume that

  1. Your format rules use yes/no expressions. In other words, you have things set up so that “Account Name,” for example, is in bold in some contexts but not in others.
  2. You have put the yes/no expression directly in the format rule.

If both of these assumptions are correct there’s a chance that what I will suggest might work.

  1. Put the yes/no expression in a virtual column
  2. Make sure the virtual column is included in any slices that might be relevant
  3. In the format rule, use a simple expression such as the following:
    [Name of virtual column]=TRUE

Hope this helps!


Your post prompted me to put this together:


Good suggestions by Kirk.

Differences between desktop app and device apps often comes down to saved cookies/cache/localstorage for the desktop/browser app. Make sure you’re using the base URL from User->Links, and force a refresh (ctrl-f5, usually) and a sync.


Thank you Kirk and Marc!
Kirk - I did follow the assumptions re: yes/no expressions
Marc - perhaps it was a cache issue, because when I logged on this morning the issue seems to have resolved itself. I have notice that this lag issue happened before - formatting changes translated immediately in edit view but took a while to surface in desktop view. I will try the force refresh/sync next time.

Thanks again!