Format rules order of priority


I have a number of format rules. How do I define which format is alloctaed to the map pin if there is more than one that applies to a row/outlet.

Can I order them in terms of priority if there are mutiple format rules that apply?

Thank you

Have you tried to hide/show actions with the CONTEXT(“ViewType”)? You can use that with the “Only if this condition is true” option.

Hi Aleksi,

I’m not sure what you mean. I am looking at the format rules in the UX which determines the colour and icon of map pins.

I have reordered the icons in order of priority from the bottom up which seems to have worked but it seems odd that the order is from the bottom up.


If you have more format rules for the address column and some of them are for table view and some of them for map view, you could write a condition rule like CONTEXT(“ViewType”)=“Table” or the opposite CONTEXT(“ViewType”)<>“Table”.

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