Format Rules Text Color in forms


I have a list of questions in a form, and each question has a severity/level. I want to change the color of the Display name text depending on the severity. Note the severity never changes. There are a couple of issues.

Firstly, when I view an already created entry in detail view, the field value text (i.e. not the Display name) is changed to the color selected. I would like the Display name text to be changed to the color selected. Is this possible?

Secondly, when I try to create a new entry, nothing is colored in the form (Display name text or answer). Mostly I am using enums in the form, but there are also a date. If I select a highlight color then that works, and a red dot is shown beside each enum value, so I know the condition part is working.

Is text coloring not supported in forms? I read some questions here where people had issues with colors in forms which were bugs and were then fixed. I also read it is possible to change the text colour of enums, but I’m not sure how, as what I am doing now is not working.

My ideal solution (which I can’t get working and may not be possible) is to just change the Display name text colour in both detail and form view and not the actual answers.


I’m afraid the format rule won’t work with the column header, just with the answered value. Format rules are calculated only when you save the form, not when you are filling the form.


Ok, thank you @Aleksi

I think this is the answer to a question I have but just want to confirm. If I am using a Enum>Ref to a list of names for a user to pick from in a drop down on a form, there is no way to format a specific row/item? Like a list of names: Bob, John, Mary… no way to bold Mary in the drop down list?
Thanks in advance!

Yes you can add a format rule for your parent table. It will work because it doesn’t need any calculation.

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