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The Shift Over? column is designated as a Yes/No boolean type. Why is this happening?

Thank you.

We can’t see your image.

When a table is added into AppSheet, the column names are inspected for any possibility of defaulting the column type. Any columns with a “?” at the end are defaulted to Yes/No column type.

You are free to change this column type if that is not what you want.


I re-posted the image but just in case it doesn’t show, the error message says,

“Cannot compare List with Yes/No in (QUESTIONS[Shift Over?]=“false”)”

Even though the expression it is evaluating is

Questions[Shift Over?]=false

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Questions[Shift Over?] returns a list of [Shift Over?] values from the Questions table.

I see this is being used in a Format Rule. The solution depends on what you are trying to do in the rule.

If you are following the most common usage, in this case changing the format of a column or column within the Questions table, then you only need the expression like this:

[Shift Over?]=false

Format Rules will look at each row separately within the source table and test to see if that rule can be applied to it.

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The reason I wrote Questions in front of [Shift Over?] is that the column is in a separate table. How do I specify the specific value of a row in a column in a separate table? I don’t know the syntax. Thank you.

Oh ok then I recommend using the LOOKUP() function.

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