Format Text

Is there a way to format text located throughout a table. For example, I have a vehicle inspection app with several columns with all of the same options, “Requires Attention”, Future Attention", Ok, N/A. When the app locates “Requires Attention” I would like that column to turn red, but I did not want to have to create a format rule for every column.

You don’t have to. The format rule applies to the table and you can then pick which columns will use that format rule

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So I have to name every column? There are many columns

In order to format each column independently from the rest, yes, you need a separate format rule for each column.

If I were you, I’d create a new Table to hold the dropdown choices, one per record. Then in your main Table, set the columns as Enum with “base type” set as Ref, pointed to the new Table. Then you just need to create a single format rule per choice.

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