Formating in dashboard view

I have a dashboard with a table view and a details view.
I want the text formating to apply only to the table view.

Is there a way to achieve this?


AFAIK. Nope.


that’s what I thought

If there are not many and just a couple of columns in the table view that need formatting , a workaround could be to have those columns duplicated in VCs or real columns. Then display one with format rules in the table view and the one without format rules in the detail view.


8 rules and 6 columns

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Oh Okay. Thank you. A bit on higher side. However, if the format rules are simple enough, you may wish to go for those additional VCs.

Just to share, I am currently performance testing how VCs behave under multiple expressions, basically multirow expressions.

A quick test on duplicating VCs ( a single row based expression that simply copies a real column) showed that the sync time contribution by those VCs is of the order of 0.08 seconds max for 2 columns and 0.017 seconds or less for the other three.

In the screenshot below, the VCs shown in the blue box are duplicating VCs and those in the orange box are multirow expression VCs with SELECT() like expressions. Tested over a large dataset of 38K rows.

Hope this helps. Of course, please make your own test and judgement for your case. :slight_smile:


It is worth it.
The app should have a maximum 20 records per day so not really a monster.

Thanks a lot for the tip!!!

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