Formatted Text in LONGTEXT Field - > MYSQL

I’ve got an app which takes basic information about Items, and writes them to a MYSQL database.
One of the fields is a description field for the item.

I’m having major troubles with this particular field.

The field in the database is a TEXT field. with no maximum character limit.

The goal is to input item descriptions from within the app, with text formatting such as line breaks,

currently, when i write this data in the app, it’s recorded in the database all as one big long string.
Has anyone else had this issue?

I’ve also tried changing the field data type to VARCHAR, and it’s the same result.

Hi @olivert

How are you writting to the SQL database? Are you using Appsheet business licenses?

I’m prototyping an app. using the Business Licence

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I have the same issue; not writing on SQL, but I use a longtext field for a report, and while the breaks are kept in the App, the disappear in the emails, and users get a long single-paragraph text :frowning:

I’ll make a new thread because this one might seem haunting due to the SQL part :stuck_out_tongue:

Any resolution to this?