Formatting a Progress Type Column

I have a table which correctly displays 1 progress column type at 3/4. But if I try to apply this format rule:

OR([Cable1Progress]=“Quarter”,[Cable1Progress]=“Half”,[Cable1Progress]=“Three Quarter”)

Then the table view the colour is correct, but now it shows a whole ball i.e. equivalent to 100%

Also in the detail view the detail view that Progress column shows 2 images. A small Full circle and a larger 3/4 circle. See image below, the WMC1 column at the top is [Cable1Progress]. The bottom WMC1 column is the Progress column

Anyone have any ideas whats going on?

It appears that for a Progress column, setting the Text color changes the Progress Chart icon background color from the default grey to the set color.

Setting the Highlight color does set the Progress column primary color but also adds the default Highlight icon - a plain circle. AND in certain views, such as the table view below, the Progress Chart icon is not displayed.

There obviously needs to be some way to change the Progress Chart Primary color without including the default Highlight icon

Detail View of First Row

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I’d call this a bug.


Do i need to report it to Support@ ?

I don’t think so. I’ve already add the appropriate tag to this post.

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