Formatting Bug

We use an app that formats action buttons. On one of my apps this morning these formatting rules are not working. It has worked for over a year and a 1/2 without issue. I also have a duplicate of this app where the formatting issues are not happening. Not sure what’s going on with this 1 particular app this morning but again the formatting expressions aren’t working anymore

I have one question and one suggestion. The question is Do you having an warnings when you open your app in the editor? The suggestion is to tell us more about how the action buttons are formatted (actual expressions used, etc.).

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there is no warnings when I open the app

I see. Thanks for your reply. Could you share the expression you are using?

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i am using the expression [Col] <> sigbackground.png. Oldly enough its like its working opposite now. The formatting now works the way its suppose to with [Col] = sigbackground.png


here is a short video

Here is a video of a different version of the app, same exact spreadsheet and same exact expressions

Now I am just testing different things, and it seems like its opposite. I plug in Test to the cell, and the formatting is happening if the opposite of the expression is happening.
for example [Col] = test, will only format if the column is NOT equal to “test”

Thanks @Dan_Oliphant! I don’t know what the cause is but I think you’ve explained it quite well so someone from AppSheet should be able to answer. If you don’t get a response here soon, it might be a good idea to write to In communicating with the folks at AppSheet, I think the video you made will be very helpful.

One thought: I don’t know but I wonder if <> might not be the problem. Perhaps if you made a virtual column that was a positive “yes/no” it would work. Of course, you shouldn’t have to do that but it might do the trick as a work around.

Try to change to

[Col] <> “sigbackground.png”


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i tried that. no difference…

Did you try my idea about the additional virtual column. As I say, it shouldn’t really be necessary but it might work. You could make it something like


Then, you could test it to make sure that this true/false virtual column was working properly. Then you could make TRUE for this virtual column your condition.

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Yes that worked. Thanks so much!

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What happens if you delete the existing rule and recreate the same

That did not work for me