Formatting button colors

Am I correct that there’s no way to change the colors of text and highlighting of buttons? I’ve got an enum column in my detail view that I am allowing quick edit on. The button simply defaults to the app’s main color. If I change it to dropdown my format rules are obeyed but not so much the buttons.

Which buttons are you referring to? I couldn’t be able to clearly identify. Are you referring to Y/N type colum’s quick edit slider buttons may be??

Buttons created from a column with Enum type. It usually defaults to a dropdown, but there is an option to make them buttons.

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Gotcha, I now understand what you’re referring to. Unfortunately it’s not possible to apply Format Rules to those buttons, they are system-default.


Hi. Please, Does anyone know if now (May 2021) is there any way to do it?

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Any update as of September 2021?
UX format rules apply when in dropdown mode, but not when configured as buttons.

combined buttons

No, you still cannot directly apply formatting rules to Enum buttons. You can do one of the following though:

  1. Use emoji values directly inside of the Enum values options:

  2. Use Enum with base-type Ref, and apply formatting rules to the label column in the referenced table: