Formatting Disappears after I click row/go back

Hi! I have encountered a weird formatting bug.

This is screen #1

This is screen #2 (clicked the first row)

This is screen #3 (clicked the back button)

Why does my first two column’s formatting disappear?

If I were to sync after screen #3, then the formatting on the first two columns comes back, but this process repeats every time.

I belive this is probably a bug. Please refer below post, especially conversation towards the end.

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Also, make your format conditions view specific if you can.
E.G.: AND(CONTEXT(“View”)=“Buy Now?”, [QS]>80)

Format rules can be finicky any time you bring “ambiguity” (basically anything that isn’t an = sign) into the expression. So its better to have multiple very specific format rules, instead of generalized format rules.


Thanks! That actually was my expression while I had the error, but I have gotten rid of the last part and made it universal across all views with that table, and it worked fine now. Thank you all for your help!

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