Formatting for Headers in Detail View

Hello all!

I have some headers in my detail view that I made with blank columns & show.

I would like to make some of these headers a different color so that they pop out of the other text more. Is there any way to do this? Not seeing any option and when I select the blank column in the formatting, nothing happens.


How did you do this?

Formatting rules should work fine with Show columns.

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I’ve tried a couple things. I tried leaving the “If this condition is true” field blank, or saying “TRUE” or “FALSE” and nothing happens. I want it to be highlighted & bolded in green. Right now it is white. I have column 7 selected which is my show column, and the head is “General Plant Information”. Including a screen shot of nothing happening lol…

Hi @Miranda_Lubarsky,

As Steve mentioned , I believe you should be able to format the show columns and display them with formatted colors in form and detail view.

Could you confirm, by blank columns you mean show columns? If so, you should be able to format the show columns. Please see the example below

Form view


Detail View
Hope you have switched on the setting “Include Show columns in detail views” under UX --> Options


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Yes I do mean show columns, and yes it is switched on.

Hi @Miranda_Lubarsky,

Thank you for the updates.

In case you are using Show type column with Page Header category , then could you please try converting the category to section header for that show type cloumn? You can then use format rules to increase the font size, make it bold in addition to changing color of Section Header category Show type column.