Formatting Group Headings

Does anyone know how to make group headings stand out more? I have tried all the different fonts and nothing makes a difference. The light grey background is so hard to distinguish. I know I can format the text using format rules which helps a bit. Not sure if lots of format rules add to sync time though.

With format rules on text

Would also love to bring some colour to this dashboard, it is just so white and grey

and dark looks aweful

If this condition is true
Condition to check before formatting
It does not affect synchronization much, from what I experience

Yes @Pointer , that changes the text as I have done in screenshot above but does not change the grey background. Background needs to be a darker shade of grey. It used to be darker before all the recent changes.

With the Brand menu, you have to change the theme for a different color.

Yes, that just changes the header and footer, does not change the grey background of groups

I know that the table background color cannot be changed at the moment. only dark / light unfortunately

A darker grey would make a huge difference in look

Of course I think this feature will come in the future.

I’ll bring this up internally.


Thanks @Steve, much appreciated


Thank you @Steve ,

I had requested on exactly similar lines in the post below in December. It will be great if the group by background and font could be bolder.