Formatting issue follow-up

I’ve established a rule that is to color the text of a record if a condition is met. I was able to successfully do this but my “group by” header is also colored in the same hue. Any thoughts?

This isn’t the first time that I’ve experienced this with no apparent solution thus far.

One of the ways is to deselect the group by header and apply a different format rule.


@Heru, see the attached screenshot for what I’m referring to. I’m not sure I’m following your proposed solutions and screenshots.

My proposal will be:

  1. You need to exclude the groupheader column from the format rule.
  2. create another new format rule just for the header.

Please provide screen shoot of the format rules if you still having issue with this.


@Heru, how do you proceed with both of your actions/suggestions?

@Heru, can you help me with your proposed suggestions? Thank you.

Hi @ten4info,

If you have several rules on the table, please provide screen shoot of them.