Formatting Time

I can’t seem to figure out how to change time to 24 hour format. The google sheet column is formatted as hh:mm, but the form field as AM/PM. Is there a way to force 24 hour format and lose the AM/PM?

It depends what have you set for the locale in the spreadsheet (Spreadsheet settings) and in the app (table’s definition).

It is set as English (United States)

You could use English(United Kindom) but if your device’s locale setting is set as US, it will still show AM/PM format.

So no way to force the format? That sucks.

Though you can convert that format with the CONCATENATE.

If all you need is a time, not a date/time, use a Duration column type.

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Hi @Aleksi.

Do I miss understand you when interpreting that the English(United Kindom) should displays using a 24h time format?

The format is coming from your default browser’s locale settings. The correct locale should be the first in that list.

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Is it the configuration you are referring to?

Correct. You need to drag and drop your language “English” to the top.

As far as I can see English Canada is there at the top displaying the corrected date time format at the bottom right of the picture but this format does seem to be taken into account in AppSheet. What else could interfere?

The format at the bottom right is coming from your system settings, not from your default browser’s locale settings. If you want to see 24hour fromat in your app/emulator, you should drag the English to the top of that list. Now it’s English/Canada and that’s why your app is shown 12hour format.

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