Formatting values in a form onUpdate

Hi and Happy new Year, AppSheet Community!

I am looking for a better (and probably smarter way) to format individual values in the form.
The App has a form that user has to complete - a simple key-to-value list (reporting on the weather condition being observed), things like:
Time of observation: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM
Wind, force: 5;
Wind direction, deg: 120;
Rain observed: Yes (“No” by default);
Ice thickness: 0 (“0” by default);

I need to create a formatting rule that will colour the text blue right upon Update.
Since the list of weather parameters is a bit long (some 30 items), it does not look right to have each individual rule per field.
What I have now is something like this:

If this condition is true: [TimeObserved] <> ""
If this condition is true: [IceThickness] > 0
Text color = blue;

Apart from that, the values seems to get coloured only when the form is closed and view via Details or Table view but now right in the Form. In other words, is there a way to format values onUpdate, to see changes right in the form?

2 was entered for the air temperature, however it remain white even after the user left the field:

But when you view it in the detail - it is blue!

I’m afraid there is no way to show the color until the form is saved or updated.

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Thank you @Aleksi, appreciated!

Would this be a case for a feature request, perhaps?
As to the logic - would you be setting each formatting rule individually for every field of the form?

@AlexShevyakov Earlier we had that feature but it was causing a lot not wanted behavior and we removed that functionality. Before we can find a better approach for this, we need to wait. t’s knowing request though.

Yes your logic is correct.

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