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Hi. I have a form that records a daily check list for Fabrication Hardware. The checklist is the same for each piece of hardware but I have to create a separate row for each piece of hardware too. I have 6 Chainsaws numbered 001 - 006. When I complete the check for 001 is there a seamless way for me to automatically load the next form with the checklist for 002 and then 003 and so on.

Any help would be great, thanks.

You can create separate LINKTOFORM (“ChainsawXXX_Form”,“ID”,UNIQUEID()) actions for each ChainsawXXX_Form view (from 002 to 006) and assign them to the Form Saved action of successive ChainsawXXX_Form views (from 001 to 005). The next form will seamlessly pop-up upon preceeding form is saved. I mean:

LINKTOFORM (“Chainsaw002_Form”,“ID”,UNIQUEID()) Form Saved action for Chainsaw001_Form,
LINKTOFORM (“Chainsaw003_Form”,“ID”,UNIQUEID()) Form Saved action for Chainsaw002_Form
LINKTOFORM (“Chainsaw006_Form”,“ID”,UNIQUEID()) Form Saved action for Chainsaw005_Form

Thank you @LeventK/ Can I just ask what ID & UNIQUEID() refer to here in your expression. Are they just examples of additional information that can be used in the expression. I do want to set the value of a column called [Hardware] in each form to Chainsaw2, Chainsaw3 etc…

I’m referring to the key column and its preset value pair with the “ID” and UNIQUEID(). You can rename the key column as per your table’s structure. You can add as many {ColumnName, InitialValue} pairs as you want besides that {Key, InitialValue} pair i.e.

LINKTOFORM(“Chainsaw001_Form”, “ID”, UNIQUEID, “Hardware”,“AnyValueYouWant”, “AnotherColumn1”, “AnotherValue”, “AnotherColumn2”, IFS([AnotherColumn1]=“This”, “That”, TRUE, “HelloWorld”))

Great thank you @LeventK. It is working perfectly. Can I ask an additional question? When the user does a check on these 6 items today I want the values set today to be the initial value tomorrow and so on but based on the value in the [Hardware] Column of the form being filled out. I know I need to create a VC with formula MAXROW(“Chainsaw Checks”,_RowNumber,???) The ??? is the value in the [Hardware Column] but not sure of the correct syntax.

Maybe you could you advise?

Provided you have a timestamp column in that table, just create a MAXROW(...) expression and as it will be working as a ref, you can de-ref any desired column’s value as the initial value. You can specify it directly in the LINKTOFORM with

LINKTOFORM("Chainsaw002_Form", "ID", UNIQUEID(), "Hardware", [MaxRowColumnName].[Hardware])

Thank you very much @LeventK

Hi @LeventK. Haven’t got it working 100%. I have

VC called [Previous Record Detail] with App Formula MAXROW(“Fabrication - Master Check”,“Timestamp”)
Action with Target LINKTOFORM(“Electric Plainers 2”,“Record ID”,UNIQUEID(),“Hardware”,[Previous Record Detail].[Hardware])
I have set the initial value of field for [Hardware] to pull in the value from the previous day but the problem I am having is that is pulling in the overall maxrow value from the sheet.

So for example on the second day of checks I need all day 1 values returned for form one and the same for form 2 etc…

With the above the initial values on form 1 for the second day’s checks are for the max row overall i.e. Electric Plainers 6 instead of Electric Plainers 1.

Hope that makes sense. What is it that I might be missing?

You need to create a MAXROW(…) separately for each of the Chainsaws so that the ref/de-ref will locate the correct value from that filtered ref list. For example like this:

MAXROW(“Fabrication - Master Check”,“Timestamp”, ([Hardware]="Chainsaw002"))

and let’s assume that you have named it like [C002_Prev_Recs]. Now when setting the LINKTOFORM deep link for Chainsaw002, you can now refer to the de-ref expression to retrieve last previous record(s) for Chainsaw002 as an initial value in the form.

LINKTOFORM("Chainsaw002_Form", "ID", UNIQUEID(), "ColumnA", [C002_Prev_Recs].[ColumnA], "ColumnB", [C002_Prev_Recs].[ColumnB])

Hope I have understood your issue correctly.

Hi @LeventK. I think you understood perfectly because it seems to be working as I need it based on your advice.

Many thanks again for all your advice. It is such a great help.