Forms - linking to definitions or resources from within form

I want to give users the ability to open a definitions view I created from within a form in case they need to look something up. Is this possible?

I tried adding a VC and using a deep link but it didn’t work.

If this isn’t possible from within the form itself I’m open to suggestions for a workaround.

I do have the definitions visible on the bottom nav bar but we can’t have users closing the form to go to it. I think that would cause too many errors.


On the edit form in the sample below, there is a link to “help”, which is just another dataset and view inside this same application. Is this what you are hoping for?

How does this work on a device, like a phone? Does it open the help view in the app in a browser?

It opens in a web frame, which admittedly is somewhat clunky as compared to a straight view-to-view navigation scheme.

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Awesome! Thank you so much! Since we mostly work with browser views this is perfect!

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