Forms not displaying entered information

In my form edit view, prior answers to questions not consistently highlighted when editing, see screen shot below. Some answers are highlighted as being answered already, but not all. Appreciate any assistance. Mahalo!

Screen Shot 2020-03-28 at 9.16.21 AM

I don’t understand. Can yo be more specific?

In the two screenshots, all the data were entered as either Y or N. But when I try to edit again, the prior answers don’t consistently show up as highlighted as being answered before. The last screen shot shows what I mean by highlighted as already entered data.

Thank you!

Ah, okay. So when the previous questions were answered, the Save button was pressed before leaving and returning?

The data was actually entered in sheets. But moving forward, users when editing the data in forms, won’t know what was entered or not if the answers aren’t highlighted.

Ah. I suspect some sort of data format mismatch, then. Please provide screenshots of:

  1. The column configuration from the app editor of one of the affected columns.

  2. An affected row of the spreadsheet showing at least the column described by (1).

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Yes/No columns convert to TRUE and FALSE in the spreadsheet.

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Mahalo! That was the trick

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