Formula adding column from another table


I am using the following formula, but I have an issue, the column “Five” is in a different table called “Seven”. So how can I tell the formula to find the “Five” column in the table called “Seven” instead of in the current table?

SUM([One][Two]) - SUM([Three][Four]) + [Five]

Thank you

Hi @Michelle_Digi
If you do a search for SUM(SELECT You may find something you can use.

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Hi, thank you for the article. I have tried but it tells me the formula is not correct.
Could you take a look at it?

SUM(A [W])(SELECT(A [X])) - SUM(A [Y])(A [Z) + [N]

Other table: A
Current table: B

Columns from table A: W, X, Y, Z
Columns from current table: N

There is nothing correct about your expression. Please try again.

I’ve tried it for a couple of hours, still don’t understand it.

I tried changing it to the following but still no difference.

SUM(A [W]) - SUM(A [ X ]*[Y]) + SUM[N]


  1. That’s not a valid way to use SUM(). If you need to multiple 2 values in the record, do it in a new column in the record, then SUM() that new column.

  2. Missing parentheses on the SUM. Also, SUM is entire unnecessary here as [n] is just a single value.

* These extra spaces between the table and column bother me, but I can’t say for sure that they are causing an actual error.


Thank you! It wasn’t quite it but from those pointers I was able to figure it out. Thank you very much